Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat 2009

This year was the first year that we took Layne out trick or treating. Layne seemed to enjoy it alot. We took him to both of the grandparents houses as well as one of Matt's friends and went trick or treating at the mall. We all had a lot of fun! Layne was exhausted from all the excitement at the mall when we got home.

Layne and Daddy before we headed out to do some trick or treating. Matt painted his face. I think he looks just adorable!!

Holding onto his bucket at the mall. He loved watching all of the other kids dressed up.

Digging in his candy bucket. He's probably trying to find a Reese's.


Layne and I carved/painted pumpkins this year for Halloween. It was alot of fun. Layne got to paint his very own pumpkin and he did such a good job!!! I carved to pumpkins. It was fun but a lot of work.

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein dancing. This one took forever to carve!!
Her hand kind of fell of too. :(

I love how this pumpkin turned out!!!

Layne's pumpkin that he painted. It turned out so cute!!! My favorite!!