Monday, September 22, 2008

Organizing My Life...

The past couple of weeks I've spent time trying to organize everything...from the house to how I do things in general. I've come up with the idea of making a menu plan each week so that I don't waste so much time trying to figure out what to make every night for supper. Since I started this blog I thought I would share my menu plan for the week.

Here it is:

Monday- Beef Taco Bake
Tuesday- Scalloped Potatos and Ham
Wednesday-Savory Pot Roast
Thursday- Chili
Friday- Ravioli Lasagna
Saturday- (lunch)- Taco Baked Potatos
(dinner)-Sloppy Joes and Cheddary Pouch Potatos
Sunday- (lunch)- Homemade Pizza
(dinner) Chicken Noodle Soup

Planning what I'm going to cook every week helps me keep better track of what I need at the grocery store. Then I'm not running around the store trying to figure out what I need. Needless to say it makes shopping a lot faster which is a good thing since I absolutely hate grocery shopping!! I've also started using the online bill pay system that my bank has to pay all of our bills. Let me tell you it is amazing!! So much quicker than having to make tons of phone calls to pay all of the bills. If anyone wants any of my recipes just let me know and I will gladly give them to you. I'm also open to any new recipes so if anyone has any good ones let me know...

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Jeff and Jo said...

If you want a great homemade chicken noodle soup recipe, you should call cousin Aimee. Her's is by far THE best. And you can freeze batches of it and save it for a cold and snowy day!