Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Grandma...

I haven't been posting much lately because my grandma has been in the hospital. Last week she was admitted to the hospital because she had a bladder infection and cellulitis in her leg. She got out of the hospital on wednesday (8th). Yesterday, however she was at the airport with my uncle ( they were planning on going to Oregon for 4 days) and she fell at the ticket counter and broke open her head. She lost a lot of blood from the fall and is now in the hospital again. She is in ICU and is doing better then she was last night. However after running some tests they found out that her fall could of been caused by a blood clot that went from her heart to her lungs causing her to pass out. We don't know when she will be getting out of the hospital. I might not be posting as much until everything settles down a bit more.

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