Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things I Love....Baby Edition

I thought I would share some of my favorite baby finds that we use and just LOVE. So Here it goes. This garbage pail is by Graco. It's called Graco Touch-Free Diaper Pail. My favorite feature on this is that you can use any size garbage bag with it unlike the Diaper Genie. The garbage can can be used touchless with the automatic sensor that is on the top of the can. ( After the batteries died in this, we decided it was just easier without the automatic feature and it still works wonders.) There are carbon filters in the can to help diminish the amount of odor. You're supposed to change them every month but we haven't and it still keeps the smell away.

I absolutely love this bottle drying rack I got for a baby shower gift. It's by First Years and can be found a Target. It was inexpensive and really doesn't take up much space on our kitchen counters.

These Playtex Bottles with the drop in liners are amazing. I've used many different kinds of bottles while working in daycare. I've found these to be my favorite because they are so easy to clean.

This is a picture from of the baby furniture set that we have in Layne's room. (Note: We didn't purchase the armoire as Laynes room is not big enough for it) I absolutely love the changing table as it flips to grow with the child and turns into a nightstand. I love the style of the crib because it's simple and sleek. The crib is a convertible one so it grows with your child. We got a great deal on the two pieces as the store we bought it at was having a huge sale on all their baby furniture.

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