Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've Been Tagged...

Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy tagged me to do this. Here's the rules:

1- Choose the 4th file on my computer with the 4th picture.
2-Explain the 4th picture that is in that folder.
3-Tag 4 people to do the same 4-no cheating (cropping, editing, etc.)

Last year for Valentine's Day, I bought Matt and I tickets to see Ron White in Mankato, MN. ( If you couldn't tell, He's obsessed with Ron White. That's why our lab is named Tater (Tater Salad)). Besides going to Ron White we drove over to New Ulm where they have the August Schell Brewery. We took a tour of the Brewery and Matt had samples of all the different beers while I drank 1919 Root Beer. ( I was 5 months pregnant at the time.) The only real reason we know about this brewery is because of my dad. ( He grow up in a small town nearby New Ulm.) We had an awesome time and hope to go back there again sometime. Maybe then I can enjoy more than just root beer. ( The root beer was AMAZING though!!)

(Matt standing by the Schell sign.)

I haven't decided on who i'm going to tag yet just because I'm new at this thing and I haven't done one before. I'll update when I've decided who I've tagged.

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