Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I had an amazing Valentine's Day. Matt seriously surprised me this year!! Our plan for the night was supposed to be me cooking dinner and then we were going to rent a movie on On Demand. However our plans changed. I made a pasta dish for supper which was extremely good. When Matt got home, he surprised me with a beautiful diamond journey necklace. ( I was in shock because he hadn't bought me any jewelry since we got engaged back in 2005!) He then said that we had to go over to my parents house because Layne had something to give me as well. After dinner, we went over to my parents house ( they were watching Layne for the night). Matt gave Layne a little silver box to give to me. I opened it up and he had gotten me diamond journey earrings!! They are gorgeous!! After we left my parents house we went into Sioux Falls to go to a movie and get ice cream at my favorite place, Cold Stone!!. The movie we went to see was Taken which was so amazing!! It's a must see!

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