Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Current Fascinations

I thought I would join in again on this great blog carnival. Here are some of my current fascinations.
1. I am in LOVE with The Mentalist on CBS. It is truly one of the best shows out there right now!! Simon Baker is hilarious in it.
2. Since this past week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous here, I have been obsessed with being outside. I can't get enough of the gorgeous weather. Since Monday, Layne and I have gone on at least a 45 minute walk before he goes down for sleep. Walking is so calming for me right now since I've been really stressed out about some things lately.
3. My Camera has also been one of my current fascinations because I've become so obsessed with taking pictures. Yesterday I took a whopping 80 pictures with my camera!! To me that's alot. I've always been obsessed with photography. I think it would be so much fun to take a few classes on it so I could become better. ( I took a whole year of photography back in high school...but that was just basic stuff.)
Well that is about all that I'm current fascinated by. Check out more participants in this blog carnival here.

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Carrin said...

It has been super nice here too (Nebraska). I have been hollering at the kids to turn the TV off and go outside!