Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip Back In Time: My Most Memorable Camping Experience

Within the past month, I found this great blog. I thought I would take the plunge and join in on her weekly blog carnival. One of the writing prompts this week is to describe your most memorable camping experience. Thought that would be a perfect one for me!!
When I was in elementary school, my parents took me on my first camping trip. We went camping at the lake that is right outside the town my dad grew up in. The campground was full because it was Memorial Day Weekend. ( My parents thought that would be a good time to go.) I had a blast swimming in the water and playing on the playground. The first night in the tent was okay. Not to cold or buggy. The next day, we went fishing, swimming and visited some of my dad's relatives.
That night the weather made a turn for the worse. It got extremely cold. First it started to hail and then snow!! We were not prepared for such bad weather so we had no winter clothes. We ended up spending the rest of our trip in a hotel because there was snow and ice on the ground. That was my first and last camping trip for almost 10 years!!
Two years ago, Matt and my best friend Leah went camping on Lake Pahoja. There was NO snowstorm or hail and the weather was nice and warm. A plus when you are trying to camp outside!! I was very skeptical about going camping again. I was not wanting a repeat of my first camping experience!!


blueviolet said...

Hail and snow? I would never want to repeat that either!

Namine said...

that would suck going from such a pleasant weekend to hail and snow!!