Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday Fun at the Park

Yesterday Matt and I both had the day off. We decided to take Layne to a park since it was pretty nice outside. It was slightly windy but not to bad. Layne loved it!! Especially the swings!!

Layne and I on the slide. He didn't think the slide was as much fun as the swings!! ( I look awful in this picture so don't pay much attention to me!)
This thing was crazy!! It was this triangle looking seat and you sit on it and it starts spinning as soon as you sit on it. Crazy!! (I got dizzy from it lol )


Screaming with Happiness!!

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Jeff and Jo said...

That seat is called a saddle spinner! That's one of the playgrounds that my company (Dakota Fence) built down there! :) We have a portable spinner here in our office for parties...ha ha!