Monday, April 13, 2009

I have to Come Clean...

I love to watch just about every show that comes on TLC. They are all so addicting. However there is one show I just can't stand. I hate the Duggars!! They seriously drive me up the wall!! However for some reason I am drawn to watching there show because I just don't understand how two people can raise that many kids!! That's 18 kids!! I also have a hard to comprehending how Michelle Duggar manages to homeschool all of those kids. How in the world would you manage to teach that many kids who are different ages all at the same time?!? You can't teach them all the same thing. The whole family is very religious which I don't have a problem with except for the fact that I feel like that they are trying to push their beliefs onto the viewers of their show. ( Especially in the wedding episode of Josh and Anna!!) I don't mind when people share with others their own beliefs. I actually find it kind of interesting!! However the Duggars make me feel inadequate and that my beliefs are wrong. That's probably the main reason why they bother me so much!!

This past weekend as I was watching What Not to Wear, there was a commercial for a new episode of the Duggar's show. There oldest son and daughter in law are pregnant! I'm in total shock and just hope that they are not planning on having as many kids as Josh's parents!!

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