Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bike Ride

While we were at Itasca State Park, we took a bike ride in the park. I had never been on such a long bike ride in my life!! ( We went 16 miles and we didn't even make it around the whole park!!) The first couple miles went okay until about mile 4 when my bike broke. ( My handle bar fell off...) I had to push my bike about a mile to the bike shop to go rent one to finish riding. After we rented a new bike for me, we started off again. About a mile into our bike ride again it started to pour. I have never been that drenched!!! Thank God for Layne's bike trailer. He stayed nice and dry. I would of loved to have joined him in it!! After we finished our bike ride, we dryed off and ate lunch. Then we decided to take a break from the state park and went to explore Bemidji.

He fell asleep in the trailer... So cute!!

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Kacey R. said...

Your handle bars feel off? Oh my goodness! It sounds like you were able to figure it out and enjoyed your ride anyhow. Good job!