Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We have a Food Lover on our hands!!

Matt and I decided that we would try giving Layne some baby cereal one night two weeks ago. Little did we know that our little man would LOVE it so much!! After trial and error we figured out that he does NOT like rice cereal but LOVES the baby oatmeal. He's such a good eater too!! "Daddy, I'm waiting....Are you going to feed me yet?" ( And yes if you did a double take on his bib it does say "Nice Tits Can I Try One?" This would be courtesy of Matt, not Me)

Yummy, Yummy!!

"I just love my cereal!!"

Yes Layne's first feeding was done in his bumbo chair. We didn't have his high chair set up yet because I (not Matt) was not planning on starting Layne on solids until he was 6 months old. We now have his high chair set up. Layne just loves it!! Especially the jungle themed toy that comes with it. (He's figured out how to turn the bird to make the music play...such a smart boy!) Thank you to all that bought us the high chair once again. It is amazing!!

Layne playing with his jungle toy in his high chair while I'm making supper.

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