Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writer's Workshop: My Conversation with a Telemarketer

I thought I would join in again on this week's Writer's Workshop so here it goes!
When I was in high school, I lived in a townhouse with my mom. ( My parents were separated not legally but they just didn't live together.) The townhouse we lived in had no backyard. There was no windows in the back of the house because behind our house was another townhouse. ( It's hard to explain.) I had to explain this so everyone understands the following conversation I had with a telemarketer.

Phone Rings:
Me: "Hello?"
Telemarketer: " Hi this is Joe from Blankety Blank Windows and Siding. I was recently making rounds in you neighborhood. When I drove by your house I noticed that the siding and windows in your backyard look as though they need to be replaced. I'm calling to offer you a free estimate for this."
Me: "You drove by my house and saw my backyard?"
Telemarketer: "Yes, your siding is in bad shape."
Me: "I would love to know how you found my backyard as I haven't even found it yet and I've lived here 3 years!!"
Awww...Telemarketers. How you annoy the crap out of me but can make me laugh at the same time!! Check out more Writer's Workshop posts here.

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Julie said...

That's too funny! I like to just tell them that I can't talk because my hair is on fire. It works too.

Visiting from SITS to say hi :)