Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend our family spent a couple of days up at Matt's parents cabin on Lake Kampeska in Watertown. Matt helped his dad and neighbor put in their docks and boat lifts. It was kind of chilly outside so Layne and I didn't spend much time outside. The bugs were also all over which was gross. However we spent a little time outside because I was having cabin fever being couped up in the house!! Layne didn't know what to think of his whole experience at the lake. His favorite part was the stairs as he crawled up them about 30 times!!! He also enjoyed playing with Tater outside. It was a pretty good weekend besides are lack of sleep. ( Layne refused to sleep in the crib so he ended up sleeping with us and got up a good 10 times during the night!) Hopefully the next time we go to the cabin it will go alot smoother!!

Layne playing with his Tater outside
Trying out his new sand box Grandpa and Dad built him. He wasn't to sure what to think of it!

Sitting in the little rocking chair at the lake

Layne playing with his new friend Gracie!! This was the only picture of them being nice to one another. Gracie would randomly walk up to Layne and hit him. Layne would try to tackle her and bite her repeatedly. (I have a little bully on my hands!!)

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Wendy said...

I hope you don't mind but I made a link to your post for Small Town Snapshot Sunday! Since you live in a small town you might have fun participating in it every week. Those of us who are have a fun time with it!