Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day in the Life- Writer's Workshop

I haven't participated in this for a while and thought I would give it a go again. So here is a typical day in my life.
Here is a typical day for of my life ( Thought this was such a neat prompt idea.):
4:30 am- Rudely awakened by hubby's alarm clock.

4:45am- Yell at Matt to shut alarm off and get out of bed.

5:oo am- Matt finally gets up and makes me get up with him so I can make his lunch.

5:10am- Crawl back into bed to try and get some sleep.

5:12am- Matt comes in bedroom and turns all lights on. He can't find his keys/wallet/belt. Makes me get up to help him find it. I find whatever hubby needed within seconds.

5:15am- Matt leaves for work. I try to fall back to sleep.

5:20am- Layne wakes up. I go get Layne and change his diaper and bring him back to bed with me.

7:00am- Wake up. Feed Layne breakfast. Get dressed. Let Chloe and Tater outside to potty. Put them in respective kennels. Check email while Layne plays for a little while.

8:00am- Leave house to go over to my parents house.

8:05am- Walk into parents house and immediately get bombarded by crabby screaming kids.

8:10am-10:00am- Contemplate on how to make time go faster so all 8 crabby screaming kids can go down for a nap. Break up fighting of children. Attempt to do activities with kids but ended up nixing that idea when kids don't like any of the activities that you chose to do that day. Play with Layne as he is the ONLY non crabby child there.

11:00am- Make daycare kids lunch. Hear them complaining about not liking what was made for lunch or that so and so is looking/breathing/eating wrong. Wishing I could be at home playing with Layne or taking a nap.

11:30am- Have reading time with kids. Getting ready for naptime!!

11:40am to 2:oopm- I'm in heaven because all of the kids are sleeping or supposed to be sleeping. Hoping that a certain 4 year old doesn't decide to pee/poop his pants during nap time.

2:00pm- Wake up sleeping kids. Have a snack. Get ready to go outside.

2:40pm- Finally are going outside after all children have finished snack.

3:30pm- Come back inside. Have each one of the kids go to the bathroom. Give Layne a snack.

4:00pm- Try to keep kids occupied till parents come.

4:30pm- Kid's gone. Layne and I leave to go home. My headache is instantly gone.

4:35pm- Get home. Let dogs out. Play with Layne either outside or inside.

5:00pm-Feed Layne Supper. Then get a beth ready for Layne.

5:15pm- Give Layne a bath. Put him in his pjs.

5:45pm- Figure out what Matt and I are eating for supper. Get countless phone calls from Matt but unimportant things while trying to cook. Entertain Layne while trying to make supper.

6:00pm- Matt comes home. Wonders why I haven't got food made. Let Matt entertain Layne while I finish supper.

6:45pm- Eat supper. Layne helps me eat almost all of my food.

7:00pm- I work on laundry/cleaning/etc while Matt watches Layne.

7:45pm- Start getting Layne ready for bed. Change diaper, brush teeth, read a book, have a bottle and in bed by 8:00pm.

8:10pm- Layne is in bed but not sleeping. Go to check on Layne. Realize that he has taken pjs off.

8: 20pm- Layne is redressed and in bed but still not sleeping. I try to get more work done. Matt yells at me to get him food/beer as he is in recliner watching tv.

8:30pm- Get Matt food/beer and tell him that he should really be up and doing something to help me. Layne is still not sleeping. Go check on him. Find him banging on window trying to get attention of neighbor dog, Maddie.

8:35pm- Layne is finally in bed and laying down. Finish doing laundry/dishes/cleaning.

9:00pm- I shower and finally get to watch some tv. Find that Matt is sleeping in recliner.

9:30pm- Try to wake Matt up and tell him to go bring Tater in because he is barking at the neighbors outside.

9:40pm- After failed attepmt to get Matt up, I get up and put Tater in his kennel.

9:45pm- Go back to watching some tv and find that Matt is now awake and has change the channel from what I was watching.

10:00pm- I'm wanting to go to bed but Matt makes me stay up because he wants to talk with me.

11:00pm-Finally I get to go to bed.

11:05pm- Matt falls asleep before me and starts snoring very LOUDLY.

12:ooam- Finally he stops snoring and I get some sleep.

Well there you have a typical day in my life. Check out more Writer's Workshop entries here.

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Stephanie said...

Hi from SITS! You commented above me today.

Sounds like a loong, tiring day! Maybe this will help sometime?! :-D